Can Clean & Safe Baltic Shipping Make Money was one of ten workshops that took place at the 4th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (11November 2013 Vilnius, Lithuania.)

A large part of the maritime sector in the Baltic Sea region is having difficulties. New environmental regulation on sulphur emissions will force ship-owners either to invest in new technology or to purchase more expensive low-sulphur fuel. If not handled correctly, this may lead to a so-called modal backshift replacing shipping with more trucks on our already congested roads and the loss of ferry routes across our region. At the same time, the Baltic is a shallow, semi-closed sea with brackish waters and a major chemical or oil spill could have enormous impact. It’s easy to agree, that the region need clean, safe and high-quality shipping, but how to ensure that the business is sufficient profitable for the maritime sector to enable such development? What can the EU and the Member States do to support?

ORGANISED BY: PAC Ship & Safe represented by the Danish Maritime Authority

Francis Zachariae, Danish Maritime Authority