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eksporto akademija

Pagrindinis seminaro tikslas – supažindinti su pardavimų eksporto rinkose procesu. Seminare detaliai apžvelgsime visą pardavimo ciklą ir jo valdymo niuansus, nagrinėsime kiekvieną jo etapą, aptarsime reikalavimus ir reikalingus įgūdžius pardavėjui kiekviename ciklo etape bei tarptautinės aplinkos poveikį kiekviename pardavimo ciklo etape. Sužinosite, kokią įtaką kūno kalba daro pardavimo procese.

Seminaro programa (Anglų k.):

I part
Interaction with Audience about sales experiences
Key point on exporting to international markets: market knowledge; channel selection; priority setting

II part
Selling Cycle
Introduction to the selling cycle complexity
Selling cycle phases
Requirements and skills application for salesforces by each phase
Impact of international environment by each phase, how move forward through the phases

III part
Managing Sales Forces
Role of sales Channels
Role of sales force: skills requirement; sales process (prospecting, cold calling, questioning, presenting, managing objections, closing, follow up and cycle restart)
Incentive and motivation

IV part
Sales Skills
Networking, Listening, Probing and Questioning

Body Language
Overcoming roadblocks, Sales closing

Allesandro Santalucia is enthusiastic entrepreneur and innovator, almost visionary but able to bring innovation to real life building up new teams and lead them to success. Broad management profile with expertise on building up new entities/operations and sales network. Direct and Indirect sales. Wide experience on management European channel sales network  for large organisations like NCR, PictureTel (today Polycom) and small organisations like Trend Communications, New Vision, InfoStore. For About 20 years he developed international sales building new local sales unit from scratch or reforging local teams. Since 2009 he became entrepreneur  building companies active  with success in Italy, Finland, Baltic, Russia and France. In depth knowledge on information technology and the retail market. Education: Master Degree on Nuclear Engineering (Electronic) and equivalent of Masters Business Administration. Areas of expertise: sales processes for goods and services, export channel creation and management, sales management.


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